Building Comfort Solution, (BCS) is a professional consultation, home performance, inspection and training company that focus on finding custom tailored solutions for its clients. They include residential, multifamily and commercial clients looking to make their homes, buildings and businesses more comfortable, energy-efficient, and save money. We train and work with you to find solutions to ensure, health and safety, building durability, occupant comfort, and energy efficiency. Building Comfort Solution, Inc is owned and managed by Curtis Battle, who has over 18 years of experience in the construction and energy efficiency industry.

Credentials Include: HERS Rater, BPI Building Analyst, BPI Envelope, BPI Heating Professional, BPI AC/Heat Pump and BPI Multi-Family Building Analyst, FHA 203k Consultant.

We are proud to be part of an exciting nationwide effort to dramatically reduce the energy consumption in homes and commercial structures. 30-50% is a very common result. Our goal is to offset what will be an increasing demand for fuels globally and open new avenues of personal saving for the home and business owner, the people who drive our economy. There is a direct connection between a more efficient America and an America that is cleaner, greener and more prosperous.   The results of our work, while making your home more efficient, also increases comfort. “Finding an investment that gains you comfort while providing a great return, is a find indeed.”